The world is an amazing place

Yes, there’s much bad stuff going on, but I’m not gonna focus on that.

* * *

I notice that some (perhaps most…) of my posts end up deep as f*ck. Sometimes I end up deleting a post because I feel like some kind of weirdo with posts that just have no space in the modern and stressed western society. Who wants to sit down and read about how I think this and this is amazing? Frankly, I do not know, and these last weeks since I started blogging again, I’ve decided not to care.

These blogs are thoughts that hit me, and I really feel that some day I will be happy to have written them. Because at least it’s documented, unlike all the thoughts that happen in situations where there’s no time to save them and I have to rely on luck to find them again later.

* * *

I’m VERY tired right now. Once this post is finished, and my breakfast bowl of quark (with blueberries and passion fruit) is emptied I think I need to take a little nap.

I’m still “jet lagged” from working nights for 5,5 months. Last week I was half way through my sleep at this point (09:25), which was usually 06:45-12:45-ish.


* * *

During the weekend I meant to write this post on war and the reasons behind them, and the future and theories about it, and both things at once (and what a WW3 could look like). Might even end up going there a little in this post… we’ll see.

* * *

But what I wanted to REALLY write about now was that I do think the world is an amazing place. If we focus on the good stuff, the nice places, all the wonderful things!

I’m not the one to tell you which the nice places are or what good stuff to focus on is, but I like to think that we all want to go somewhere. And that somewhere is hopefully something that make you feel great. I’m not referring to a place per se, it could be a goal or an achievement.

I understand that people have a lot of things to be bitter and angry and… all that stuff about. But I also think it is a matter of getting sidetracked from what you want. I don’t think anyone wants to be angry, if they knew they could be happy instead, but I think some forget. It’s kind of like being hungry and not eating because everything tastes bad. But everything doesn’t taste bad, and if you really think so, taste something that you haven’t tasted before and it might surprise you.

For me, I try to avoid things that doesn’t bring anything good to my life (like news or join in conversations about sensitive topics). Of course, sometimes you have to, but as long as there’s something I can control, I focus on that.

There is always something good to focus on. I know some people have a harder time doing it than others, but don’t try and tell me that all the topics open for discussion are the bad ones that make you angry or upset.

Fuck this, fuck that, fuck this, fuck that…

Of course, replace ‘fuck‘ with ‘love‘ and some people will feel as bad about that. But I still think it is important to try and work towards what you like.

If you f in a bad spot, don’t expect it to change. You might need to find a new spot.

* * *

It doesn’t take much to trigger the writing of a post like this. In this case I watched iJustine’s video from her visit to Rome roughly a year ago. Since I’ve been there too with my girlfriend, I wanted to see it all again, if there was something to recognise, some memories that popped up, or just what iJustine’s reactions were to the places we had in common. I have this thing for “We’ve/I’ve been there!“-moments…

* * *

At the same time, Rome is just one place. Seeing one place doesn’t mean you’ve seen them all. To most of us most of the world is new experience. Personally I will never be done with it, because there’s always a new place to discover. If I ever find that I don’t like it where I am, there’s a new place waiting.

Of course, some places are more dangerous than others, but that is because of people, (and usually religion). The place itself is just… a place, like any other. Imagine if the whole world was at peace and that all the places were available for anyone. It’s not gonna happen anytime soon, but the circumstances are bound to change over the course of time. No place will be the same forever.

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