Not much sleepies

Jaha, I honestly thought it would work better this time. I refer to sleep properly for daytime work.

I have been working nights since October 1st last year, and trying to adjust to daytime for a couple of days is a bitch!

I was tired when I went to bed, but then woke up 1,5 hour later and not even remotely tired. It’s annoying, and today it’s a day with education, and tomorrow too!

Not good! I tried to turn the day around a little before, but I guess that several months with only nights have left it’s mark.

One of my colleagues worked the weekend, and I can only imagine how he will feel today.

* * *

So, now I’m watching For your eyes only, and plan to watch Octopussy afterwards, before I have to go.

I’ve had some bread, quark and milk for an early breakfast, and now I’m thinking of what to write next.

However it’s a weird feeling, being tired enough to want to close your eyes, but at the same time, with the eyes closed, they want to be open.

* * *

Nothing much to report, other than a social weekend! Two friends in one weekend, that’s waaay above my avarage! :P One in a month is not uncommon, but that’s what you get for having your friends spread out over the country.

* * *

I’m gonna try and shut my eyes a little while. Hope is not high, but it would probably help a lot today!

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