Late night life thoughts

Yes, the subject I meant to write about when I resurrected this blog.

The whole thing started when I was in Valbo (at least this time it did) and just had bought the Hue Go-lamp. I just felt like… this lamp doesn’t really matter. I thought that if I saw someone who I could just give it too, I might had just done that.

But I didn’t. Partly because I didn’t see anyone… and because I knew that I wanted it, since that is usually why you buy something in the first place. :3

Anyhow, that made me think about the world and about life (wow, deep shit man…).

Wanting things is a part of this modern society, and I guess it always has been, just different things. But at the same time, it’s also said that you never get enough, and IF you get enough… then that is usually not a good thing either, because what would we do without the things we want? Why do anything if it’s not for a purpose?

* * *

And just to make one thing clear, the whole “give the lamp” thing was not meant as a “well if you could give it away, give it to me”-kind of thing. Because it doesn’t work that way. The person who asks for it, by doing so rather makes her- or himself ineligible.

In my case, I like to surprise people. To do the unexpected would be part of the appeal. Therefore giving it to someone who asks for it would not give the same satisfaction, and rather leave a taste of someone trying to use the situation, and I don’t like being used (who does?), nor do I like when people use other people.

An example would be the Yes man-movie., to use a person who only answers yes to everything. Imagine the things you could ask for? “Give me all your money!” and so on…

Asking a friend for help is not the same thing. It can be of course, but friends (and sometimes strangers for that matter) do help each other from time to time. And if someone has certain special skills… of course you ask.

* * *

Got a bit sidetracked there…

But the value of things was also a part of it. I like tech things for example. I have some Apple products that I really like and find really useful in my daily life.

Those things matter to me here, in this life, and I want more, and will most likely continue to do so.

If I was someone else, somewhere else, those things might not matter at all. If I lived in some remote village in Africa where they would be completely useless or something. Would I be less happy there? Without some of the things that brings joy here? I don’t think so, and I think that applies to many, if not most. I think a lot of people would be better of with a change of scenery, with a different life, rather than taking for granted that because I was born here, I need to stay here and do this.

I mean, this is not the stone age, you don’t have to WALK for a week or a year to find a different life.

I’m sure I could be a very happy man without the things that make me happy here, it’s just that another place, another life and other things that bring happiness.

Of course, this refers, mostly, to big changes, where there is a big contrast to this modern kind of life. But it really does apply to everything, even if it means moving to a country where the internet connection is far from top notch or whatever makes it less comfy. I think that, sometimes, living in a modern country (Sweden in my case) is not necessarily what people are suited for.

When I was in high school we went to this faire-thing to learn some about the college and university options that were available. I remember thinking… “Why didn’t we get to go to something like this before high school?” Then perhaps I would have known what I wanted and picked my high school accordingy, instead of simply because it seemed to be a good option. Things have worked out pretty well from there, after the circumstances. But it’s due to a lot of lucky bounces, and not because I’ve known what I want.

And like unknown jobs out there, that might be perfect for you or me, I’m sure there is a place that suits most of us better than the one we’re in. It’s like online dating! If you only look in the town you live in, your options are pretty limited. Slightly less so in a big city, but still limited compared to if you increase the search area.

It would take some getting use to, but an iPhone X won’t matter much without a connection or somewhere to charge it. It would be less useful than a rock or a stick for most things (except looking at your mirror image in the display perhaps)

* * *

Okay, I’m not at all sure what I got out of that. I hope that someone ends up here and feel like it wasn’t a complete waste of time to read! :P At least I’ve written down what was on my mind, it might never come back to me on it’s own, but it might be interesting to come back to later. I often find that about things written down like this… it’s like “Did I really think and write this?”. Sometimes it’s a very good thing, and other times it’s a swing, but a miss.


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