Money money money…

…must be funny in a rich mans world.

That’s what I feel is true right now. So much to consider, and not near enough money for it all.

At the same time, time moves on. I know that people always want more, no matter how much they have…

I have a rather intense wishlist right now, at least parts of it. As usual, writing is the best way for me to think, because then at least it’s easy to retrace my steps (and remember what I have been thinking).

* * *

Okey, the stuff that I would buy now IF the money just… you know… would be there.

Fatbike – Biking is something I like to do, on roads normally, but I do like them shortcuts too. There is a reason for my bad track record with bikes, and it is usually that I bike where I shouldn’t… too fast, too hard and… yes, it’s never been easy being a bike of mine. But with Högbo (and the MTB/Fatbike-tracks that are available so close…) it would be amazing getting one of those and get some exercise while having fun.

New keyboard – Well, A keyboard really. I don’t have one for my old PC and that makes it kind of hard to use. My eyes (and hands) have fallen in love with the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Chroma… it’s fancy. Apparently I like fancy stuff.

And other than that I would of course want some money for traveling too. But that can be saved until needed (in September).

* * *

So what else? I don’t know, I’m continuing my cleaning and I noticed once again that I have too much stuff. I always have too much stuff! But on the upside, I seem to have found a potential buyer for my dvd’s. So far I’ve found 122 in my apartment, and there is at least half a bag in my storage in the basement. That might finance a good part of the keyboard!

* * *

Btw… this summer… it’s not much of a summer really! I mean, I have no problem with clouds or rain… or uneven weather, but please… I don’t like it cold! It is summer, damnit!

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