Vacation to come

Yes, my vacation is coming up. The weeks 25-26, 28-31 I have off, and will try to do both the most and the least with them. Fill them with somethings, but not as many somethings that it creates stress and stuff.

* * *

On another happy note, something unexpected happened the other day. My ex asked if I want my old screen back, and yes, of course! She is apparently getting a new one, and of course it’s nice to have mine back.

Just a couple of days ago I was half a mind buying a new screen myself, but now I don’t have to, which is nice!

Instead I can do… ehm… other stuff! Biggest expense of the summer seem to be the days in Gothenburg. Look forward to it very much, but at the same time I can’t walk around looking forward to it too much, since it’s planned for the last week of my vacation.

* * *

I really feel like I need time off now. Not that I don’t like it where I work, I really do!

But the thing is I want to get some stuff done in my apartment. Right now I’m just thinking about cleaning and selling/throwing stuff away and get more space. One part of me just want to throw everything in my wardrobes in a bag and throw it away. But I think I need to be a bit more thorough with it. But one thing is for certain, I have way too much stuff.

* * *

Oh yes, today I ought to have got the dumbbells I’m waiting for. Sadly they tried to deliver when I was at work, and therefore took it back to their storage in Gävle…

The normal thing to do with a package delivery that is unsuccessful is to leave it at the gas station across the road from where I live. But no, I guess this case was different and now I need to trouble my parents with a ride tomorrow to get them home.

Carrying the screen on the bus would have been one thing, but 30kg of dumbbells (too), no…

* * *

For the record: I’m dreaming about a Fatbike! :S I could really need one too. It would probably be the most fun kind of exercise possible for me. Biking in the forest and don’t fear to wreck it too much. My track record with bikes is not the greatest. Either they get stolen (twice) or I simply manage to fuck them up by being a bit to rough in the way I’m using it.

Really, a fatbike would be super for me. The only downside as I see it, is the price! More than 15000sek (~1600 Euros or 1825 US Dollar)… it is not the end of my economy. But it would leave a noteworthy hole in it for sure.


It’s so fancy looking!


2 thoughts on “Vacation to come

  1. Hahaha du får det ju att låta som att jag stal din skräm, du GAV den faktiskt till mig i utbyte mot typ… diskande, eller någon annan tråkig syssla! D:

    1. Var det så? Har inget minne av det! :$ Jag minns det som att du behövde den mer än mig, som knappt använde den alls (och inte såg ut att behöva den igen), sen minns jag inte mer. :P Men ja, kan justera inlägget om vi kan komma fram till hur en sådan deal skulle ha sett ut! :D

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