To buy or not to buy

I have this weird mood right now. I really feel like buying something. “Simple enough”, you think? No…

At the same time I feel like saving and not buying anything.

Instead I have this internal battle of wills. If I know myself, I will end up buying something. That something which feels most urgent.

Nothing is URGENT though, not really.

And quite frankly, everything can wait until autumn, at least!

* * *

The wish list as we speak:

  1. Fat bike – I need a bike that can handle my sometimes a bit careless way of riding a bike. But perhaps some sort of mountain bike would be the best option?  
  2. New computer+Screen – The screen might well be the next thing. I’m looking at selling my iMac and get more of a gaming station. The new computer does not feel necessary now when it’s summer. My old one will cover my needs until I reach my weight goal (80kg) to allow myself the purchase of the computer.
  3. Clothes – I do need more clothes.

* * *

Well, that’s about it, at least as far as stuff goes. There is travelling in the picture as well. Short, longer and really long options.

Top of the list now is Gothenburg this summer. After that something more exotic will be the goal!


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