I woke up today

And I felt like CLEANING? Wow, that does not happen every day. But somehow it was one of those days and I had to act on it and actually did improve the situation slightly.

I feel that I’m once again on my way to this state where I want to get rid of stuff and make my home as pleasant and “easy” as possible. There are plenty of improvements needed in all rooms.

Just spontaneously I can mention these things:

Bedroom: A bunch of bags with dvd’s on the floor, a computer (a currently non-working, without a screen), two dumbbells and some other that just clutter things. Other than that the wardrobes could really use a do-over. They’re pretty much a mess…

Living room: I need to look into the sofa-situation. It’s three parts attached to one, but I have this feeling it wants to separate sometimes, especially the pillows! The controller for my audio system does not work properly either and as it is I need to be like within a meter from the speaker to make any adjustments. I need to e-mail Philips about it. Other than that it’s just some holes/hooks and small marks on the walls that require some work.

The floor is also questioned. I would prefer some kind of gray floor, instead of this classic wooden colored floor I have right now. Not fancy!

Hall: Not much to be done there really. Try to keep it as non-cluttery as possible, but it’s cluttered now alright.

Bathroom: Also a place that easily get cluttered with stuff. Need to keep it down, and also make some kind of pleasing solution as to where to keep all the potential clutter, cause let’s face it, there is a lot of small stuff that can end up here and there…

Also the storage locker, floor, the tiles, bathtub and sink could all use a change.

Kitchen: Mostly a matter of keeping it clean and to give the stuff I want to keep a designated place as to where to be put. The glasses and the plates have their spot, but the rest… it kind of moves around (a shelf up and down, from left to right and stuff…). Of course new oven, oven fan, new kitchen doors and new tiles would be nice… not to mention the floor here too (which in that case would be needed to change in the hall too since they’re the same).

* * *

Of course I need to make a plan, and that is what I’m going to do now. Of course this is not only a matter of how things look and work in the apartment. It is very much about my habits and for it all to work I need to focus on stuff to.

I’m actually looking forward to digging out my high school skills and make a schedule to determine what should be done in what order from the view of economy, urgency, personal satisfaction and stuff like that. Grade the improvements and then try to focus on that. FOCUS (not one of my strengths, unless I play NHL…)!

* * *

In short, what I want from my apartment is a place that I can feel completely relaxed in. Where I know where the stuff is, that is easy to clean and if something breaks or happens I want it to be easy to know who to contact about it. Stuff like that!

Home is for relaxing and being creative in, not being full of bad distractions and other annoying things that takes the focus from just making it easy to be HOME. I’ll take some pictures now of the honest truth of how it looks here. One for every room.

IMG_3907 IMG_3909 IMG_3910 IMG_3913 IMG_3911


* * *

I notice from the pictures that perhaps it doesn’t look that bad, but I assure you, it is. It is not the way I want it to be anyway! I’ll be back with the schedule and other stuff on the subject.

* * *

And yes, new curtains for… pretty much all the rooms. Toodles!


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