…this is awkward! I can assure you it was NOT my plan to leave this blog with nothing more than the pitiful posts I had started with. I’m sorry (if there’s anyone to be sorry to :D ).

* * *

I want a new approach! Can someone please comment and write whatever YOU think I should write about. Don’t give a shit about what I like or anything, give a suggestion out of nowhere!

You are here after all, and I don’t care if it’s today or 5 years from this post is written, I want that comment.

It might be knitting, or it might be… I don’t know what… but please help me get going! <3

* * *

While I’m waiting for comments, I will write lightly about my life and what is going on. The only thing I’m not going to write about is probably the thing this blog was meant to be about, gaming! That is my way to relax and I know that no one cares if I play NHL 15 or not, if I win or lose or… if I’m rank 18, 13 or 5 in Hearthstone.

It’s more fun to write about stuff that I’m at least a bit proud of. Gaming is fun to do, but so far nothing I’m proud of! :P


Completely non-related, blurred picture. (Well, of course it is in some way related, but it was nothing intentional about it…) (Only if it was something awesome you thought of, then yes, it was very intentional) (In fact, there is something, you either figure it out or not…!)


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