Where to start?

Well, I start of here at any rate. A presentation of the equipment and resources available for gaming. From that I will try and make the most of this. Some of it might be a bit overkill compared to the average day use from my part. But then again, I like to be prepared when I have friends here, because there’s often gaming (or movies) on the schedule.

Well, here we go:

Nintendo Wii U:
* 5 Wiimotes+Nunchucks and 2 Classic controllers

Playstation 3:
* 4 Dualshock 3 controllers and one Playstation Move+camera

Playstation 4:
* 3 Dualshock 4 controllers and the camera

Xbox One:
* 2 controllers

* * *

Apart from “real” consoles, I do have an iPad Mini (2nd gen) and I also play some on my 2011 iMac. I do not own a working Windows-PC at this moment, but that might come in future. Right now I have enough to do without one, but you know… there will probably be games out there, making me long for one at some point.

* * *

Currently I spend most time with the following games (console(s)) [comment]:

  • Hearthstone (iMac/iPad Mini) [Usually play Druid heavy on legendaries]
  • NHL 15 (Playstation 4) [Mostly Be a GM or HUT]
  • Forza Motorsport 5 (Xbox One) [Just trying to finish the races that seem fun]
  • Minecraft (Xbox One) [Only tried it a bit, but have played on Mac before]
  • World of Warcraft (iMac) [Been a bit lazy lately, but over the last 5 years it’s been few months without it]
  • Grand Theft Auto V Online (Playstation 3 and 4) [Play most on PS3(lvl 104) and sometimes on PS4(lvl 85)]

My username is Tobbish on all places I manage to get it (PSN, Xbox and on Battle.net)

* * *

And as I leave the secure place in front of the TV or computer screen, I like boardgames very much. The biggest soft spot is for Munchkin, but I can also live with Monopoly or Arkham Horror or… any other interesting game.

That’s about it… that’s the situation now, and I will write as soon as there is something to write!

Oh, and one important point, I play to enjoy myself, not necessarily to be the best at the game (though winning is nice, of course).


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