Oh hello…!

Where did the time go? I know I was away between the 6th and 11th, but still… it’s 17th already and I feel like I should have posted something about the time in Finland.

But I will post some pictures now, and explain a bit what was going on! :)

* * *

The journey begins (well, after the bus from Sandviken to Gävle).IMG_2488

In the plane, so excited, and I just can’t hide it!

Helsinki Airport! <3IMG_2494

Breakfast the first morning in Finland. #spoiledswede #appelsiiniIMG_2499

Moí, underneath the yellow things in Järvenpää.IMG_2505

Emil i Lönneberga in Finnish.IMG_2509

First fika in Finland!IMG_2513

Tried out one of the second hand games.IMG_2514

Here they are! Good ones! (Harry P 1-4 and Pirates are mine)IMG_2523

Hobitti 3! Good movie!IMG_2526

A VERY chocolaty chocolate cake! Nomnom!IMG_2531

Minigolf in the dark!IMG_2543

Long drink!IMG_2544

Nachos, cheese and stuff!IMG_2545

Meat for the main dish!IMG_2546

Guacamole, salsa and sour cream for the main dish (which also included tortillas)IMG_2554

Funny sign on one of the apartment doors.IMG_2558

Breakfast again!IMG_2569

Chocolate cookies and milk!

Mashed potatoes, carrots, peas and FINNISH meatballs (made with Finnish meat and Finnish hands).IMG_2592

The train station in Järvenpää!IMG_2598

Checked in and at peace with the world! Airports… pure love! <3IMG_2601Bought an expensive burger… but it was good. So good I ate it all before I noticed that I hadn’t got the Pepsi Max I ordered (and I guess I should have picked it up myself…).



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