Travel time!

Yes, tomorrow evening I will take a flight from Arlanda, Stockholm to Helsinki, Finland. I’m gonna spend ~5 days with Katja and I’m sure it will be great!

And in addition to some great days in Finland, I get to go to the airport! I do love airports and flying, I’ve discovered that more and more. Of course it depends on the circumstances of the trip. I can’t say I envy those who travel all the time because of work or stuff like that. I like the vacation-feeling, I like to look around and watch people coming to Sweden from somewhere else, or swedish people leaving for somewhere else. Hearing people from other countries talk is something that I appreciate everywhere (more if it’s english, french, spanish or german or something) where I have a remote chance to understand something! :P

It’s gonna be great, and I will blog from there, and more will follow about the changes in the apartment as well. All I can say about it now, is that when I’m finished, it will be near impossible to mess it up. Did you read me right? I think the approach is fairly simple, there’s not enough stuff in there to mess it up! There’s controllers for tv, sound and video games, and putting them in order is not rocket science.

Oh, well, 05:45-14:00 (scheduled to 17:45, but I’m leaving early) at work, then I will hurry home and do the last preparations and then get the trip started with a bus to Gävle.


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